Away we go…

Away we go...

“I nodded, pretending to be a hundred times more courageous than I felt. But that was the thing about courage. Sometimes you had to fake it to feel it.” ~ Lisa Tawn Bergren, Waterfall

Have fun, feel free, and take the lead to reach your destination. I like to call goal setting, The G-Force, aka “quad-D* honey”: Decide, Derive, Drive and reach your Destination.

Decide your business (or any) goals, Derive your path, Drive that force to the finish line to reach your final destination. And of course add a little humor along the way, it makes the trip that much more fun, and boy does time fly when you’re having it, fun that is.

Decide your goals, then derive the path and take leaps and bounds, and cross the rainbows to the pot of gold at the end. Dig deep to find the drive and motivation to keep pushing, even if times get tough, and you feel like giving up, you’ll reach your destination, lost shoe, torn shirt, and disheveled hair (if you have any left), but you’ll reach it. All you’ll need is courage, whether it be real, fake, or some trinket you hold in your pocket. Sometimes just by faking the courage, you’ll fake YOURself out, and face it…

Let’s take that plunge down the proverbial Niagara Falls, and have the courage to jump into that water below, and endure the craziness along the way.
Not to be more sappy than happy! BUT! Goals are attained by having a strategic path to take you aaaaallll the way baby! Homerun! Goal! Strike… Giro! What have you, courage, humor and humility will definitely get you further on the path to reach all your personal and business goals…

Oh! By the way… call me Lilly 😉


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