Change is the only constant

You’ve probably noticed, that I changed my blog lay out… sorry, but it was necessary. The previous format was not conducive to certain other pages and widgets I wanted visible. So in an effort to lessen some confusion, and a great way to Segway into my topic, I bestow my new layout. 😀

Change! Or… Change? Either way, Change is necessary.

First, recognize that you need to make changes.  Yes, you’ve set your goals, and derived your path, but sometimes, that path needs to be changed, or tweaked, but truth be told… you can’t continue on the same bumpy, messed up, taking you the wrong way, path.  This may be the hardest step, admitting to yourself that a change needs to be made, but you’ve recognized it, acknowledged it, and now you can take some action to do it.

It’s difficult to admit to yourself you may have been going south, when you should have been going north (pun intended), but now you have the ability to change directions, and get going on the right path. Review your current derived path, is it the fastest way to your destination?  Is it the right way to your goal? Or do you need to make a slight (or big) change to the path you are on?

I want you to ask yourself if you are happy with your current choices and path to your goal. If the answer is yes, good job!, and have a glass of wine tonight. If the answer is no, dig deep, and figure out what change needs to be made… and next time we’ll talk about what the next step is…

HINT: Start mustering up some of that courage…


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