Make it Happen

Did you have the courage to make the change? Yes!? Great! How did it feel to know that you were able to single handedly direct your path to your goal? All you did was take the bull by the horns, and move it out of the way to take the right path.  I know “all you did” sound like I am minimizing your accomplishment, but really, its to show how EASY it is for you to make the change.  All you needed was a little bit of courage, some adrenaline, and to be bold.

If you haven’t made the change… what is stopping you? The sooner you decide to make the change to continue on the correct path to reach your goal, the sooner you can focus on your goal again.  I know, it’s scary to admit to yourself that you’ve been going to wrong way, but c’mon, the sooner you admit it, the sooner you’ll turn onto the right road… and head on your merry way.

Be brave, be bold, be brilliant!

Trail blaze, and drive full speed ahead to reach your destination.  But be sure to evaluate, and re-evaluate your goals strategy along the way.  It may take more than one adjustment along the way to reach your goal sooner, and accomplish certain milestones along the way.  Remember to periodically examine the path you have chosen, and whether it is still the most efficient and effective way to reach your goal destination.

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen” John F. Kennedy


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