Find Your Voice


Okay, so we talked about being independent, and having the courage to be bold, and take the leap to make the change you need to.  Although, many times, it takes others, from the outside, to also know about your intended change, and goal.  We can’t always achieve things on our own, we need a bit of assistance, perhaps guidance, and definitely encouragement to make the changes and our goals possible. 

Therefore, you need to find your voice.  Your voice to be able to tell others, your boss, your partner, your co-workers, that you are ready to make a change.  Tell them what your goals are, network!  If you tell your boss or other executives in your organization, about your personal professional goals, they may be able to assist.  You must use your voice, and increase the volume and frequency, in order to increase your visibility and create an alliance of sorts with executives in your organization. 

How does your boss know that you would like to be a professional executive at your current company? You must tell them, explain to them, and describe your goal and visions for yourself in the organization.  In all aspects of life, you need to be able to verbalize your goal to supporters around you.  Yes, it does take independence to make your decision, and select your goals, but you can, and should accept, and even ask help from those around you, from society, to assist you in your attainment of goals, especially if your goals are in a group setting.  The group dynamic is key, and you may need their support to succeed and attain your goals. 

When was the last time you found your voice? 

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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