Comfort Zone

ImageA few days ago I discussed how I stepped out of my comfort zone, and made the decision to change my career path, my goal path, to direct it more straight on to my ultimate goal.  Yes, it was a difficult decision, and one I mulled over for many days, and sleepless nights.  I was prepared, as you must be prepared, to make a decision you know you will be presented with, that can change your comfort zone.  Take the time to weigh the options, and know what you will do.  These types of decisions, which take you out of your comfort zone, make the hard decision that much more difficult.  We are creatures of habit therefore we like our routines, our habits, what we know and are used to.  We have to put that fear, that uneasiness out of our minds, it is not a pro, nor a con, just a fact and result of change, therefore ignore that fear, and focus on the future, and what the change will do in regards to focusing your path to your goal, towards your dream… direct the path to where you want it to go.

I know, it is difficult to ignore the fact that you are leaving the comfort zone as I said previously, but remind yourself that once you step out of it… it will slowly expand to encompass your current path!  You have the ability to stretch your comfort zone, and mold it to wherever you want to go.  Embrace the change, and the new zone, for it will soon encompass your new current path, towards your goal.


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