Don’t look back


Well, I made the change, and you’ve made a change (THE change), or are getting ready to make it, either way, we’re moving forward with our changes, our decisions towards our goal.  Yes!… But wait… what about… the old path?  You probably have the urge to find out what is happening back there, but fight it.  Fight the urge to look back! You have made the RIGHT decision to change your path, move forward, and look ahead, straight ahead , towards your new goal, towards the future- so don’t look back!

I don’t deny that our past experiences, our trials and tribulations, make us into who we are today.  What we have gone through in the past, has shaped us, has shaped our character, our motivation, our dreams and goals.  The past has shaped our dedication to fulfill our goals, for ourselves, to prove to ourselves that we can achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.  Without our past, we wouldn’t be where, or WHO, we are today, that is an undeniable fact.  Even still, there is no need to “dwell” on the past, we’ve made certain decisions to change our path towards our goal, and we need to stay focused on the road ahead, the future, therefore, don’t look back. 

Remember the past, remind yourself why you’ve made the changes, because of what did and has happened to you.  But don’t go back to that place, to wonder what might have been, simply go back to remember the lessons learned, and the ripples those lessons started…

“The future is not a gift. It is an achievement.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy


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