Hard Lessons


We are who we are… based on the past.  It’s the experience, the past lessons we’ve received that make us who we are today; that motivate us to make certain decisions.  There are easy lessons, and of course the hard lessons, we learn from.  Nonetheless, looking back, it’s usually the most difficult times that have taught us the greatest lessons.  They are definitely the ones that stick in our heads, in our hearts, and change us, hopefully for the better.  These are the lessons we never forget, we remember the agony, the pain of the experience, and we need to look for the lesson it teaches us.  Although, many times it is difficult to know what lesson is being taught, especially when enduring the difficult situation.  But, in time, you will see what the lesson is, and it will not be forgotten.  These difficult lessons give us resolve   for the future, and the difficult times that will certainly come again.  Yes, we must remember, life is an endless lesson, and as Malcolm X said, “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”

Yes, I can admit (for the most part), I am truly grateful for the past experiences , the past events, the past relationships, I have enjoyed, and some I have painfully endured, because without them, I would not have learned the life lessons needed to realize, or steadfast the path to my goal, my dreams, my future.  


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3 responses to “Hard Lessons”

  1. annarosemeeds says :

    Beautiful and so true!

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