and the Good Ones


Last time I talked about the Hard Lessons in life; the one’s that we ask ourselves “why me!?”, “why is [this horrible thing] happening to me!?” Then later (usually much later), we realize, that it was the lesson we learned from them, that’s why… to learn something from them, and react differently, or prevent it from happening again down the road. 

Lest not forget the good experiences, and the positive lessons we’ve learned from them.  So let’s look into the light, salute the sun, and focus on the positive.  The happy, joyful moments we share with others are also lessons.  The positive relationships we’ve had and shared with others, sharing experiences and learning with those we love; family, siblings and parents, the friendships, loves, mentors, bosses, professors, teachers, coaches, and many others that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to list here (definitely have not forgotten them).   These positive influences in our lives have also helped us on the path we’ve chosen.  They’ve helped guide us in the right direction, and help us make the right choices.  The choices we make, and especially the goals we set for ourselves are in great part due to the guidance and encouragement of these magnificent people in our life. 

They have given advice, or trained us, or taught us (you!) how to play sport, or listened and encouraged us to do well, to achieve our goals.  These positive influences are more powerful than the others.  They motivate us, continue to encourage us, to follow our dreams, and achieve our goals.  Remember the sun, and listen to those positive voices, they are your silent army, routing you on, and cheering for your success.   

Who is a positive influence in your life? What is a lesson they taught you?


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