Keep it Steady

ImageAs you continue on your path to your goal, remember to stay your course. Don’t lose sight of your destination. The changes you’ve made, or are preparing yourself to make; as well as the actions you take each day, are all for your goal.  Don’t lose sight of that! At times it may be difficult to see, or remember what your destination is, what it should be, but it’s these times that you must certainly remain focused towards your goal.  Remember the results you want to achieve, and keep those in mind, when the winds of adversity blow your way.

Not only do you need to remain steady on your path towards your goal, but you must remain consistent with your actions, your work, and the results you produce. Keep your work up to par, that is, up to the same standard that you have set in the past, and must continue to do.  I do not mean to say to not push yourself to another level, but I want to emphasize that you must not slip backwards, into a state of compliance and indifference. You must remain consistently productive and achieve results that are above expectations.  Exceed expected results, perhaps finish a project early, before deadline, or under budget, somehow exceed an expectation.  By exceeding others expectations, you will soon begin to exceed your own, and push your results to higher levels of achievement.  Most importantly, do NOT slip into unengaged indifference, step up, onto the steady rise to the top.  Keep your course, and keep it steady.

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle


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